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I'm psychologist and ND-therapist and has been practicing meditation and mindfulness for more than 15 years. My experience is that modern people in general are too engaged in their thought processes and pay too little attention to what their body and heart are trying to communicate to them.


My motto is: Feel the body – follow the heart! Because only the body knows your needs – and only your heart knows your deepest longing. The head is simply not a good adviser in these fields of existence.


This simple understanding sets out the directions for every therapy session: How do we get from the psychological challenges of the head to the body and further on to the heart?


When walking this path to the body and the heart I often use a wide range of therapeutic tools. This includes techniques from cognitive, meta-cognitive therapy and other traditions. However I never lose sight of where we are going..


– towards peace of mind and peace of heart!

Lasse Thomsen, certified psychologist and ND-therapist

Psychology therapi anxiety

Cognitive Therapy

In the therapeutic sessions I can help with the following types of challenges, among other things:

• Depression

• Stress/burnout

• Anxiety

• Grief/deprivation

• Loneliness

• Limited body contact

• Experience of meaninglessness

• Life crises

• Overthinking

• Experiences of failure


During the therapy we primarily work from a cognitive/meta-cognitive approach. The starting point is a safe therapeutic enviroment. From this safe space we will take a closer look at the thought patterns that has motivated your personal challenges. The sessions will, among other things, aim at a increased joy of wellbeing and a stronger anchoring in your own personal values. The sessions will get you more into the body and feelings, which will enable you to get more into how you yourself would like your life to unfold. The therapy is therefore very suitable for people who would like to get more “out of the head”, more into the body. And to start living a life following your own heart – instead of living a life trying to satisfy other people's expectations of how you should be.

What to expect from cognitive therapy:

- To get more out of your head

- To get more into your body

- Being more open to your heart

- Getting better at realizing your potential

Therapy psychology

Individual sessions (70 min): 950 kr

Individual sessions (students):  750 kr

Online sessions (60 min): 700 kr

Couple sessions (90 min): 1.200 kr



New article by Lasse Thomsen:



Ever since the introduction of the modern stress diagnosis in the 1970s, people suffering from stress have year by year taken up more space in psychologist clinics in the western world.


What characterizes people who seek out psychologists because of stress? And what is a modern approach to stress treatment?


This article gives an outline of these questions.

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